3 Tips For Learning To Tune

Learning how to properly tune your guitar can be one of the most difficult tasks for a beginner. If you have no formal music training it may be difficult for you to hear when your strings are out of tune or to know whether they are too high or too low. However, strings that are even a bit out of tune can make your best efforts at playing sound mediocre. Try these three tips for learning how to tune your guitar.

How To Make A Halloween Decoration For Your Front Door

It is that time of year! The festivities of autumn and Halloween are already beginning. If you are a fan of this holiday, you will want to add some decor to your home. Here are some instructions on how to make a fun wall hanging for your front door. Materials You Will Need A piece of wood from a hardware store, such as Koontz Hardware, in whatever thickness you desire A jigsaw for cutting the wood into a Halloween shape Sandpaper A self-adhesive hook Paints in all colors Polyurethane Orange pom poms Bits of felt Google eyes Some autumn leaves White Yarn A large eyed needle Glue Scissors An old white sheet A black marker Preparing The Wood Plaque

Tips For Creating The Best Backyard Pool Area

If you are planning a  backyard swimming pool, chances are you have thought about different ways that you can decorate not only the pool, but also the area around the pool itself. Here are some useful tips that you can make note of in order to ensure that your design turns out beautifully. USE A CUSTOM POOL SHAPE Most backyard pools are generally shaped round or rectangular. One tip to consider following is to be creative and go with a different kind of shape for your pool.