Non-Invasive Floor Graphics, Signage, and Decor for Your Business

Coordinate floor graphics with some wall signage and three-dimensional decorations, to provide your indoor play arena with some comforting guidelines that your patrons will be certain to obey. This non-invasive approach will prevent the need to verbally relay information on numerous occasions, which could be annoying to the people on the receiving end.

Social Distancing Strategies That Leave No Questions

When social distancing is necessary, some people may have different opinions, concerning how much space needs to be placed between individuals. Having graphics and signage for your customers to refer to will leave no questions in anyone's mind and you can be certain that your visitors will see the directions, by having the information posted in two distinct areas.

If you are somewhat of a craft hobbyist and would like to make the new setup decorative or cute in nature, purchase some custom vinyl floor graphics, which feature pictures of your play arena's mascot or an animal character that you think your patrons will be fond of. The character can be standing in each printed graphic and have a conversation bubble beside them, which relays the pertinent information about remaining socially distanced or keeping a mask over one's face, throughout the duration of each visit to the play arena.

Use short, polite statements, for the wording that will be printed on each graphic. Buy some signs that feature similar messages and plan on hanging them near the areas where the vinyl floor graphics will be secured.

Complementary Decor That Will Improve the Aesthetics

Some stuffed animals or a statue, which correlates to your mascot or the animal type that you chose to be printed on the vinyl graphics will tie into the theme and add cute details to the inside of your establishment. Purchase stuffed characters or decorations and display them along the corners of the arena or next to each area where some floor and wall signage is located.

With vinyl floor graphics, you can still mop the flooring as normal and the adhesives will remain intact, as long as no chemicals or heavy items are placed on top of the signage. If you want to rotate the setup inside of the arena, purchase several sets of vinyl graphics and wall signage and change the layout every couple of months. Use new decorations to spruce up the inside of the business, if you decide to change the floor and wall signage. 

Learn more about your options by contacting floor graphics manufacturers.