Equipped For Success: Essential Tools For Constructing A Wooden Rocking Horse

Wooden rocking horses have been treasured by children for centuries. In fact, wooden rocking horses date back to the 17th century in Europe.

You may have fond memories of receiving your very own wooden rocking horse as a cherished birthday gift or Christmas present as young child. Perhaps you have a special child in your life who would love to receive a rocking horse, or maybe you want to build your own collection of unique and nostalgic rocking horses.

Assembling the proper tools and equipment before you begin your project is important. Once you have the right tools in place, you will be ready to start crafting a wooden rocking horse to give as a gift or add to your collection.


Good cutting tools are essential when working with wood. While they can be costly to purchase, they will be a valuable part of your woodworking tools for years to come.

A good table saw, band saw, and electric circular saw will give your cutting work and finished project a professional look.


Sanding the wood is a crucial step in every woodworking project. To cut costs, you could use basic sandpaper for sanding your cut wood pieces. However, power sanders will save you tons of time.

A bench-mounted sander and an inflatable drum sander are good choices to add to your workshop.

Drill press

Accurately spaced holes are crucial to the assembly of the finished project. A drill press, sometimes referred to as a vertical drill, is the key to achieving the correct depth, width, and straightness of holes used to fasten pieces together.

Hand tools

While power tools are essential for the big jobs, don't underestimate the necessity of good quality hand tools.

You will need a hammer, two large C-clamps, and two bar clamps. A shallow sweep gouge should be included. A gouge is basically a carpenter's chisel and is used to remove greater or lesser amounts of wood, depending on the curve of the tool. This is essential for fine detailing work.

Once you have your woodworking tools in place, you can begin to search for wooden rocking horse patterns and assemble the necessary materials for your project.

Having the right tools in place, before you begin to search for patterns and materials, will give you the confidence you need to begin your project. Whether you are making a rocking horse for a child in your life or to add to your own nostalgic collection, the finished project is sure to be one you will be proud of.