Ways To Give Your Monogrammed Note Cards A Custom Look

Ordering custom note cards that feature your monogram can be an exciting purchase if you enjoy sending handwritten notes to loved ones. While there's nothing wrong with a simple design that just features your initials in a font that appeals to you, you also have the option of adding other designs that can give your note cards even more of a custom appearance. Reach out to a local company that makes monogrammed note cards to get a sense of what additional customization options are possible. Here are some ideas that you may wish to include in your design:

Standard Message

A lot of people choose for their custom note cards to be blank rather than use their monogram, but you may wish to consider ordering some cards that have a standard message. If you're the type of person who sends several handwritten thank you notes, you may wish to have some of your note cards say "Thank You" at the top. For a stylish touch, the font for this message can be the same as the font used for your monogram. Think about the other types of messages that you write by hand, and consider whether you should order some additional cards with other standard messages.

Relevant Image

It can also be enjoyable to think about what relevant image can adorn your custom monogrammed note cards. It's appropriate to choose a message that is relevant to you, and your designer can either incorporate the image into your monogram or situate it elsewhere on the card. For example, if your primary pastime is gardening, you might like the idea of a small image of some flowers appearing at the top, bottom, or elsewhere of your notecard design. Instead of using a stock image, you can supply the designer with an actual photo of some flowers from your garden to increase the custom look of your cards.


A border can also be something to consider on your monogrammed note cards. Your designer can suggest all sorts of border ideas that will complement the look of your monogram. Typically, you'll want to choose a border color that is the same as your monogram. Another option is to have a small, subtle rendering of your monogram at each corner of the card with the border running right up to it.

Look online to find a designer that can produce custom monogrammed note cards to your specifications.